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When I was younger, I didn’t understand how attraction really worked with women. Therefore, I didn’t stand a chance of creating it.

But, once I started learning from the guys who DID know how to do it (guys who weren’t any more handsome, rich, or awesome than I was) I realized that I could do it, too… and this changed my entire mindset.

How Your “Family Issues” Haunt You With Women… And What To Do About It ~by Dating Advice Expert David DeAngelo. Think about the last time a woman said or did something that “triggered” you… setting you off to feel intense anger, sadness, fear or insecurity…. Maybe she paid a little too much attention to someone else, and it really irked you. Maybe she gave you the silent treatment, and it drove you nuts.

The Secret Reason Men Get Angry With Women Over “Nothing” ~by Dating Expert David DeAngelo

Do you know if you are “smuggling” past issues into present relationships? Read this article by David DeAngelo to find out, and to learn how to gain control.